Charapp resources for new people

The bare basics of making a charapp strip down to this:;thesamerepeatedagainbutwithanotherasset. You keep doing this until you get a charapp. It's that simple. Now for changing the color of your skin, i'm not sure at all how you do it on Roblox. Hell, you might even not be able to at all. However, for Roblonium/Finobe it's or PS: Don't use https, use http in charapps. Now that you made your charapp, upload it to Pastebin/Neocities and you put the link inside the charapp part of your Novetus client. In the official client, you can find it in the OTHER tab of customization. In the novetuslabs client, it should be obvious enough. no That's all, now you know how to make a charapp.